We combine the best human talent worldwide with state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques to create a swarm intelligence of remote software engineering teams.

Distributed teams with one heartbeat

The future of enterprise Software Engineering

Our Artificial Intelligence technologies leverage millions of data points to boost our experts' capabilities.

Talent Matching

Find the optimal team for your project across a worldwide network of experts.

Project Estimation

We generate task estimates using historical data and advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Project Health Monitoring

Get actionable project and code quality metrics in real time during the whole project.

Roadblock Detection

We combine the best human talent worldwide with automated project management workflow

Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques we will select the best team in your database for your project in terms of deadlines, budget and previous experience.

Getting to know you


Whenever our project health indicators detect an opportunity for plan optimization, we'll recommend the best course of action.

Gaining knowledge


Measuring performance

During the project, our experts will seamlessly track their progress on our platform, providing you with real-time insights on project status.


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